Boosted Chews – Original Flavor Single Bag


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NEW MOCHA FLAVOR AND VARIETY PACK! Caffeinated chocolate chews made locally by two UW-Madison students.

Every chew has 33 MG OF CAFFEINE (1 bag has 2 coffee cups worth of caffeine).

4 flavors: Original, Mint, Hazelnut Crunch, and Mocha!

6 chews per bag ($4.99), or get 5 bags at a time and save ($22.99).

Can’t decide? Buy the VARIETY PACK! 3 chews of each flavor – 12 chews in the bag (jumbo sized) and 4 coffee cups worth of caffeine! ($8.59)

Ingredient list:
Semisweet Chocolate, Non-Fat Dry Milk, Corn Syrup, Granulated Sugar, Heavy Whipping Cream, Water, Unsalted Butter, Flavor Extract, Caffeine Powder, and Iodized Salt. *Hazelnut Crunch contains REAL HAZELNUTS


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