Hippie Soap


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All natural cold process soaps!


Spring Flowers Soap
Inviting scents of spring with the floral notes of lilacs and lillies!

Coffee Bean Soap
Exfoliating, rich, creamy and sweet coffee latte Soap. Great wake me up for your skin that brightens and helps remove dead skin cells.

Immunity roller
Theraputic grade essential oils roller. Roll up your spine or on bottoms of your feet every morning to help boost your natural immune system.
Ingredients: Frankincense, lemon, cinnimon bark, Eucalyptus, rosemary and clove.

Relax Roller
Therapeutic grade essential oil roller.
Roll behind your ears, on your wrists, on bottoms of your feet to help reduce anxiety and stress and promote relaxation.
Ingredients: lavender, cedarwood, black spruce, blue tansy, Frankincense, geranium, camphor.

Pumpkin Cheesecake Soap

The delicious smell of pumpkin cheese cake and added benifits of benonite and Moroccan clay!

Chestnuts Roasting Soap

The Wonderful smells of chestnuts Roasting with the sweet smells of brown sugar! Also the fantastic benifits of activated charcoal and Moroccan clay!

Holiday Spice Soap

Deep woodsy scent to bring in the holiday cheer.
Packed full of beetroot and spirulina to treat your skin with added nutrients!

Wilder Child: Baby & Toddler Soap

Wilder child is a gentle moisturizing soap for the littles. It is scent free and only has Calendula flower to help promote calm and healthy skin. Parents can feel good that there are no added chemicals or scents, so its gentle enough for your babies!

Lemon Poppy- Fresh lemon scent with a full poppy exfoliation
Spiced Peach- Spiced Tea, gentle Poppy exfoliation, soothing calendula and oat blend
Traveller- Lemongrass and ginger deodorizer
Dreamer- Soothing and relaxing Lavender Oat
Dharma- Tea tree, Lavender, Emu and jojoba for sensitive skin
Jangwa- Triple clay bar for oil re balancing with cedar wood , ylang ylang and lavender
Maple Cream- Silk soap with the mild sweet scents of maple
Warm Woods- Silk soap with a rustic woodsy scent
Nagada- 17 Deep cleaning salt and charcoal with tea tree
Peppy- 2 Invigorating body bar, peppermint with french green clay
Herbivore- 12 Coconut hibiscus bar with rosemary and orange Fresh and earthy
Peace- 12 Earthy Tea bar with cardamom, orange, lavender and cinnamon bark
Pup bubbles- 20 dog and human shampoo, great to deter unwanted bugs and give a little shine.
Kids sea side collector toy soaps- 12 each bar has a small toy suitable for ages 3+ great way to learn how to wash with the wonderful scents of the sea breezes.


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