Brandy Land w/ Card Expansion Pack


We want to make sure your package is delivered the most convenient time for you and your loved ones. Here you have the option to receive the package right way, by Thanksgiving, or by Christmas.


This option gets you Brandy Land board game AND the new added booster pack with new cards to assist in getting you through Brandy Land!
Time for an OLD FASHIONED adventure!
Muddle your way through Miltown and cool off in Ice Cube Tundra. Beware of Hodags in Swizzle Stick Forest, and try to avoid a Wisconsin Goodbye as you end your inebriated expedition.
Brandy Land is perfect for:
  • Father’s Day
  • The Cabin
  • Fourth of July
  • The brewery or distillery
  • The house
  • Grandma’s
  • The supper club
  • Everywhere

You can have Brandy Land mailed immediately or in time for upcoming occasions. 


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